Monday, October 27, 2008

Back to work

My migraine has finally resolved itself, and I managed to squeeze in some time on my latest project. It's the third in my "Flowers of Power" series, and I get immense enjoyment out of creating them. The first two will be made available on Etsy very soon, just as soon as I get my prints back!

I may have limited time to work on projects this week, as I have to scramble to make my toddler's costume for his preschool party on Friday, figure out what to bake for same party, come up with a last-minute birthday gift for a party on Saturday that we just found out about, and work with my advisor to hammer out a class schedule for next semester.

Oh, and work out a budget that will convince my husband that we really can afford to continue as we are without me returning to "traditional" work, i.e. full-time employment. Because we can, and I want to focus on the important things in my life right now: my son, my education, and my art.

Every day I can spend doing any of those three things is a precious gift to me.


  1. so true:) it really is a gift to be able to do these things... though it can seem crazy trying to fit everything in and find balance. good luck with getting everything done, and thanks for the mention:)

  2. I don't think I ever thought about the concept of balance until my son arrived. Now I think about it all the time! He inspires me to better myself in ways I never considered when I actually had the luxury of time to do so, and now it's definitely a challenge to juggle everything! But as I said, I'm just grateful. Having him in our lives is such a blessing.